Cayirova | Kocaeli


2-storey warehouse building rentable entirely or as independent units.

The 26.225 m2 Çayırova Warehouse building reaches a total size of 36.788 m2 with its mezzanine floors. The two-storey building has two individual access doors, making the warehouse available for rent as two independent units, each having a storage area of 13.112,50 m2. The building consists of a top floor (ground floor) of 20.275,50 m2 in size and a basement of 16.342,50 m2 in size.

The ceiling height reaches 11.50 meters on the ground floor having a column spacing of 20x8m while the basement’s ceiling height is 9 m, with a column spacing of 10x8 m.

Load-bearing capacity of the flooring is 4 t/ m² and 5 t/ m² on the ground floor and the basement respectively.

Both units use 12 loading-unloading gates.

The maneuvering distance in front of the ramps for both floors is 25 m.

The Çayırova Warehouse is located next to Yapı Kredi Information Technology Center on TEM highway. Therefore it is easy to access and has great value as an ad space.