Gundogan | Bodrum | Mugla

Land Area: 21.158,27 m2
Construction Area: 8.739,90 m2

Villa Types: 5 + 1 Duplexes, 4 + 1 Duplexes, 4+1 Single Family Houses, 3 + 1 Single Family Houses, 2 +1 Single Family Houses

15 VILLAS | 2013-2017

Laid out at an area of 34,000 square meters, “Dogalkaya Villas” enjoy a 250 meters coastline with magnificent sea view. The houses offer a unique life style with facilities such as terraces where 12.000 plants are blossoming, gardens filled with all shades of green, 235 square meter sea-water pool, gym and an exquisite restaurant.

To complement it all, the 100-meter pier used as sunbathing deck, private dock for boats and silent lawn resting areas offer an unmatched experience.

Each house has its own terrace, garden and covered parking. The elevation difference of the land allows unobstructed views by other villas. The spacious villas can be separated as the lower floor and upper floor to be sold as separate units. The villas sizes range between 120 and 500 square meters. Each villa has maximum 2 apartments. The project intended to offer private living spaces to residents by creating horizontal sections. 5 out of 15 villas have private swimming pools.

Kemal Gülman and Necdet Ulucan were the landowner and contractor of The Doğalkaya Homes project respectively, which was built in the most beautiful location of Gündoğan, Bodrum.

Dazzling Bodrum lovers, the Doğalkaya Homes project was completed in 2015.