We protect the environment when we operate.

We are striving to contribute to a better world.

We promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We consider aligning our business and investment strategy with these goals as an important and ongoing effort.

Here is our approach and goals in relation to the SDGs which we set as priority;

Affordable and Clean Energy

Gülman Group believes that affordable energy for people and societies is the foundation of development and a happy life. We consider the use of renewable energy sources is vital for a sustainable life, and therefore we aim at increasing our solar power investments year after year.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

At Gülman Group, we have offered quality living spaces to the major cities of Turkey and built a wide range of buildings that are becoming available for people and communities for almost half of century. We aim to reduce the footprint we leave on the world with our environmentally friendly projects offering high energy and water efficiency.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We have always believed in the power of industry and production in our journey that started with foreign trade. We consider our responsibility to promote an inclusive and sustainable industrialization in a healthy economic order as well as to invest in cleaner and more environmentally reliable innovative technologies.

Climate Action

We consider the climate crisis that we are all facing as a vital threat to all living things. We acknowledge that institutions, like individuals, should be aware of the climate crisis and take an active role in the fight against it, and we are committed to keeping this subject on the agenda to be discussed in our sphere of influence.