STORIES FROM BUSINESS: My Experiences, My Recommendations


Kemal Gülman, the founder of the Gülman Group, entrepreneur and businessperson, shares selections from his business life and the steps that brought the group to today in the book titled "STORIES FROM BUSINESS: My Experiences, My Recommendations" 


Published as a "memoir" in 2022 on the occasion of Gülman Group's 70th anniversary, the book was first released as an audiobook in Storytel, and then in bookstores across Turkey, being distributed by Alfa Publishing.


All proceeds from the book are donated to the Turkish Education Foundation.


Short excerpts from the book "STORIES FROM BUSINESS-My Experiences, My Recommendations":


"I started from scratch. I was a child who knew nothing... I learned it and put it to use. I searched and found whatever was needed for the development of the industry in my country and brought it there. I both served my country and earned my future. Integrity and honesty have always been my saviors. Just like my father, I benefitted a lot from being calm, being soft, and listening more than talking..."


"If my children, grandchildren, and especially young business people make even one useful note for themselves from the story of Kemal Gülman, who started his business life from scratch with hope, spent 70 years in commerce, and felt the pride of contributing to the land where he was born, by taking advantage of the opportunities of the Republic that Atatürk entrusted to us, the book will have achieved its goal..."


"What am I doing, if you ask, every day, I advise my children not to disperse after me, and not to break up the family savings we have cultivated so far. Not only by a request, of course, but we have also tied this to the rules of our family council and the family company management principles… I have only one dream. Today, with my grandchildren; even with their children; when my family of 35–40 people grows to 400–500 people in a century, I want my capital, which I put my first penny into and raised in 70 years, to remain in the middle and not be dispersed... Because it is easy to disperse, but it is difficult to keep it together." 


"Look around you, who is doing what… Everyone finds a door and enters, but only those who analyze what is going on around them succeed in being permanent. It is not easy to make decisions in Turkey, certainly not by minding only one's own business. So you have to look around. I often say to my son Polat, 'Look...' Where is the opportunity? Who is doing what? What is the global situation... If you do business without looking around, you can neither learn from previous mistakes nor be inspired."