In 1952, the foundations of the Gulman Group were laid by Kemal Gulman with an import company that he founded in Balat Çilingir Street No: 13, which is also the address of the house where he was born.

The articles of incorporation of the company read that it was operating in the field of “various import and brokering activities.”

The first products imported by the company were brass lines brought for the printing houses of some of the largest newspapers in Istanbul.

In 1957, Kemal Gulman’s Business moved its head office to the Prevuayans Han and over time became the largest importer of many products needed in the market such as paper and various paper products such as striped notebooks.

In 1959, Kemal Gulman traveled abroad for the first time and acquired the right to act as the representative office of selected brands such as Bayer, Degussa and Kaneka in Germany to import different groups of products.

In 1960, Gulman Group started focusing on the chemical industry with the import of aniline. It also started supplying raw materials and products to many related sectors, especially plastic and leather. At the same time, Gulman was one of the most active players in the market by supplying many critical products from abroad, such as pumps to the fuel sector and ballast for the lighting sector.

In 1964, the head office was moved to Saadet Han in Cağaloğlu.

In 1965, it became a partner of a company operating in the pharmaceutical industry, which was its first opportunity to act as an investor.

In 1971, Kemal Gulman went to Israel to operate in the construction industry; played an active part as a manager and investor in the construction of qualified housing sites and residential areas during the new urbanization efforts in Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas.

In 1973, Kemal Gulman made his first visit to China and the Far East countries and imported 1 million pairs of sports trainers together with his business partners.

In 1975, Gulman Group started growing through partnerships.

Gulman became a partner in Derby Plastics which was taken over by Berç Büyüksakaya, they played an important role in the production of oilcloth which was particularly in high in the Anatolian Region.

Becoming a partner with Vatan Plastics, it became an importer and an industrialist in the production of sponge beds, which was the first modern example in Turkey.

As a partner of Rotapak, which was founded by Mike Acemyan and Yakup Tahincioglu, it operated in the packaging industry.

The Gulman Chemicals Group was founded to act as a representative of Kane-ACE which engaged in the trade of titan, caustic, alcohol, aniline, and other chemical nitrocellulose products.

The main raw material in the stretch films used in the kitchens was first imported by Gulman Group.

In 1980, it imported lathe machines, different types of benches and hand tools from abroad becoming the largest importer out of all the wholesalers in Persembe Pazari.

In 1983, it started establishing partnerships in the fields of tin and tinplate.

In 1985, Kemal Gulman became a partner in a textile production project in the Çerkezöy Organized Industrial Site as an investor, importer, and consultant.

In 1986, Gulman Group started to strengthen its position in the real estate sector with land investments in Bodrum and Istanbul.

In 1987, the company moved its head office from Cagaloglu to Tepebasi.

In 1988, Gulman Construction Group and Gultas Construction were founded to focus on the import of kitchen and bathroom materials. The Gulman Family acted as the representative office of various brands such as Teuco, Franke, VIP Casa, Valli Colombo and Marazzi.

In 1991, Gultas Construction opened its first retail store in Mecidiyekoy. By entering into a cooperation agreement with the Italian Guzzini Family in the same year, it raised its stakes in the bathroom segment.

In 1992, it realized its first construction project in Tarabya.

In 1993, the campus project was realized, which is now used as the Çarşı Campus of Üsküdar University.

In 1997, the Bodrum Hypodrom Shopping Mall project was accomplished.

In 1998, the construction of Park Plaza was completed in Maslak, and Gulman Group moved its head office from Tepebaşı to Maslak.

The real estate property projects realized respectively:

In 2013, Polat Gulman was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group while Kemal Gulman became the Honorary President.

In 2020, Gulman Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş. was founded. The Group took a step into the renewable energy industry by operating solar power plants.

In 2022, Gulman Ventures A.Ş. was founded.