Polat Gülman

Gülman Group Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO

Gülman Group continues to serve the Turkish economy with Kemal Gülman’s, who is our founder and my father, pioneering vision, commercial intelligence, and leadership based on value creation. Deriving strength from our 70-year experience and achievements, our Group is confidently moving towards the future and working hard to deliver new Gülman Group projects.

Our greatest responsibility is to maintain and grow our achievements by taking into consideration the changing world’s dynamics and the new conditions of the global economy, as well as to create value for all our shareholders.

We consider serving a more liveable and sustainable world as a priority in all strategies and plans that will carry the Gülman Group into the future. Our aim is not just to do business, but to serve a more sustainable world through our work and investments. We see this as a responsibility. As we diversify our investments, we take this doctrine into consideration and take care to fulfil the requirements. As a matter of fact, we have recently expanded our fields of activity with our investments in renewable energy and technological start-ups. We develop new projects that suit our 70-year experience in real estate development and commercial real estate investment, which are our main areas of activity, while aiming to grow by seizing all opportunities in renewable energy and start-up investment in the years to come.

As Gülman Group’s second-generation management, we will keep on taking firm steps into the future by deriving strength from our values adhered strictly, our strong capital structure, and trust-oriented business approach.

Kind regards