We get strenght from our past, excited about our future! 

Gulman Group, which was established in 1952 to operate in the field of international trade, has diversified its field of activity over the years and has focused on the real estate sector since 1977. Since then, it has been carried out pioneering projects in the sector by realizing housing, office and warehouse investments in the field of real estate investment.

Real estate projects realized by Gulman Group to date include Maslak Park Plaza, Ulus Tepe Konakları, Nest Ortakoy Residences, Uskudar University Campus, Tuzla Warehouse, Cayırova Logistics Facility, Gebze Yonca Houses, Sunset in Bodrum, Dogalkaya and Fiera Vista Houses. In addition to that, there is also the Hypodrom Shopping Center project in Bodrum.

Gulman Group has focused on logistics and storage projects since 2015, and added the renewable energy sector to its investment areas in 2021.

The Gulman Group, which invests in solar power plants for a more sustainable energy supply and a more liveable future, currently includes Kayalar SPP in Mugla Milas, Yazır SPP in Antalya Finike and Gulkent SPP operating in Isparta Kuleonu.

It invests in start-up projects focused on creative and innovative technologies in Turkey and across the world through venture capital funds.